TerraSphere Systems designs and builds vertical farming systems that utilize minimal land, water and energy resources to produce fresh, pesticide-free produce regardless of climate or location, year round.

TerraSphere’s vertical farming technology is a highly efficient, automated plant production system that cost effectively grows crops in compact, safe, pollutant-free, environments. Since the technology is contained indoors, plants can be grown year-round in any geographical location, and are protected from weather related problems and biological threats, and therefore do not require chemicals or pesticides to ensure a healthy crop.

As a leader in vertical farming technology, TerraSphere Systems presents an innovative and sustainable solution to food supply challenges facing the world’s growing population by providing a year-round supply of fresh, locally-grown, pesticide-free produce to urban and remote communities worldwide, while dramatically reducing agriculture’s impact on global climate change.

TerraSphere Systems, LLC and its subsidiary, TerraSphere Systems Canada Inc., partner with private businesses and public institutions to create solutions to food production challenges.  We invite you to learn more about how TerraSphere can work with your organization to meet local and global agricultural needs. Visit our website at http://terraspheresystems.com/


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