DIY Vertical Farming

28 Oct

I’m inspired by all the do-it-yourself-ers out there, and even more surprised to see how many of those handy folks have taken up vertical gardening.

Here’s a look at some homemade and homegrown vertical gardens that practically anyone can build.  Most of these designs require little handy work or construction know-how, and include detailed instructions on how to build your own.


Gutter garden design from Suzanne Forsling:

Suzanne Forsling Gutter Garden


Here’s a great How-To from Life on the Balcony on creating a vertical garden out of a reused pallet.

Post image for How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden


Easy VG design made from a fabric shoe hanger, found on Instructables.

Pinned Image


More Gutter love from Aha Home and Garden

And a simple design using re-purposed coffee cans.

And if you’re not the best DIYer, Woolly Pockets offer an easier alternative to constructing a vertical garden from scratch. Check out all the different variations of “pockets” at

Easy to install Woolly Pockets

Easy to install Woolly Pockets - Indoors or Out


Vertical farms or gardens are a great way to grow  fresh, healthy herbs, fruits and veggies while utilizing small spaces. These designs make it possible for anyone to have their own personal vertical garden, whether its to grow food or to add some life to your walls.   Perfect for city and apartment dwellers, most of these designs can be installed indoors.

Here at TerraSphere, we’re busy developing commercial vertical farms  to bring locally grown, pesticide-free produce to cities and remote communities.  Until you see a TerraSphere vertical farm in your city, perhaps a DIY garden would make a great winter project.  I know I’ll be busy creating my own vertical garden at home, and if it’s not a complete disaster, I’ll be sure to upload pictures 🙂




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